About WikiBlues

WikiBlues.org is a non-profit website dedicated to Blues and the Blues Artists whose music made and continues to make our lives more enjoyable.  The backbone of WikiBlues.org is the "Encyclopedia of Blues Artists."  Starting in the 1980s, this collection of "In-concert portraits of hundreds of blues musicians needed a home and the opportunity to be shared with other blues fans around the world. 

WikiBlues is much more than just photographs, though, and is growing near daily with new features, articles, and blues news.  With the assistance of other Blues Fans, researchers, and Blues Historians, there are no limits to WikiBlues. There's not enough lifetime left to do it all alone.  Besides instant images of current and past Blues Artists, there is so much to learn and say about the blues.  The aim of WikiBlues is talkin' Blues.  No matter what a few people might say, the Blues is not going away.  So join in by visiting frequently and if you would like to share some knowledge of the blues, WikiBlues is a good place to be heard. WikiBlues welcomes you.


A word from WikiBlues Founder

As you may see, not all of these images are of the finest quality.  Some are digital scans of old prints sitting in photo albums and boxes for decades. Unless otherwise credited beneath individual biographies, all images were taken by me, Millard Farmer, a semi-retired travel photographer. Other sites created from my travel and frequently unusual photo images are:  www.EarthlyPhotos.com;  www.CoveredBridgesPhotos.comwww.FireTruckWorld.com   

Also, after 35 years, I finally completed a photo journal of my eleven-month, 1980s solo journey of the Great Wall, from end to end.  All the ups and downs of this 4000-mile forbidden journey, plus 150 photographs of the Great Wall in areas never photographed before can be read/seen for free at:  www.OutofBounds.press  

WikiBlues is currently headquartered in Santa Ana, Costa Rica